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FGN iApp

Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Nigeria

Project Description

A platform that has been built to provide real time information from the Nigerian government to Nigerians and friends of Nigeria at home and worldwide. The FGN iApp mobile app is available worldwide for Android and iOS devices.

  • Rich content including videos
  • Push notifications
  • In-App Subscriptions
  • Live Radio

Project Details

Client: Federal Ministry of Information & Culture, Nigeria
Date: 2016
Technology: iOS, Android, Web
View: App Store, Google Play

FGN iApp iPhone

Available on iOS

This app was built for iOS matching the style and ease of use that iOS provides, with rich content, push notifications, and in-app subscriptions.

Available as a universal app for both iPad and iPhone.

Free on App Store

Available on Android

Our full-featured app for direct information from the Nigerian government  is also available on Android.

Supports all devices including phones, 7-inch, and 10-inch tablets.

Free on Google Play
FGN iApp Android

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